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Wow i find you here! Scrolling down to find more information about me and my factory. It would be amazing ☺

Emily Lee

This English name is from my ex-boss who i had worked with more than 6years. I am grateful for this period. Brief speaking, He taught me a lot and gave me more opportunities during my international trading career that make me more confidence,stronger and easer.

I joined in deliming factory since 2021 with the task to develop new business with different countries and maintance the regualr customers.


business license
business license

Why is difference between your factory name and web name

Our factory name is Xiamen Deliming Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd. Its brand is DLM,and the website is Mamful. Actually they are same company. 

When i started to build website for our factory, i used mamful for trial start. However when the website  was finished on time.And i found that it is complicated to change to DLM,so we decide to keep mamful instead of DLM. 

Why build this website

Our president started his business from domestic market where he paid more attention before. Through the years of the epidemic, he realises the importance of an independent site.And that is why i join this group. 

I started to learn webiste construction and study SEO knowledge on the middle of 2022 from best domestic SEO course and youtube to supply continuous and quality content to clients 

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Final Word

I will continue to post sheet metal parts content here, and if you have a topic you want to know about or want to contact me, below is my contact inforamtion


Mobile: +86 180 5928 4320