Custom Metal Fabrication Factory

As 10+ years precision sheet metal manufacturers, we supply on-demand production services for custom sheet metal fabrication using our 12000 square meters plant and advanced equipment.Our cusotmers benifit from our ‘all-in-one-shop’ service

About Mamful Metal Fabrication Factory

Mamful is a precision sheet metal factory with ISO9001-2015 certificated and one of the best sheet metal fabricator manufacturing on demand,supplying instant quotes online since 2010.

To satisfy different sheet metal parts needs, we work out a comprehensive and holistic solution and provide a complete range of fabrication and finishing services including custom metal design,rapid prototyping ,shearing, laser cutting, CNC punching, forming, welding, painting (wet/powder), silk screening, assembly and custom packing.

Our sheet metal work services nationally across a broad range of sectors, including Agricultural, Automotive, Construction, Digital signage, Food processing, Scientific and medical, Switchgear and Rail.

Customer is always priority,your success is our success. mamful’s commitment is to provide super quality, excellent customer service and incomparable metal parts

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12 years’ experience

End-to-end service

Time & Money Saving

Technical Experts

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Custom Metal Parts Design, Prototyping,Manufacture and Assemble in Precision

As a precision metal fabrication factory, our team can finish a complete product from the design phase to the final assembly. The process includes electrical engineering,non-metal elements fitting, or various sheet metal parts 

Our team will arrange package and palletise all units for delivery to the client. This process enables us to save on time and cost, as our in-house team will manage the whole precision metal manufacturing process, cutting out much of the co-ordination and planning work for our clients.

Investment in Staff, Equipment and Processes

engineer training
We would use our available best-in-class manufacturing process and equipment to ensure all of the production services offered by us. We always value our reputation of developing the skills of our employees and services.
 Each year our factory would put 10% benefit on manufacturing machines and employees trained. All these enusre our good service to our clients from our complete team and all metalworking products.
The extremely important to our precision sheet metal fabricators is the commitment to build long-term partnerships with customers. Under this principle, we would focus on our delivery hgih-quality products, adding value to projects and exceeding expectations. 

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MAMFUL owns different branded processing machines which allow us to attain tight tolerances. The branded machines include Tailift,Amada,Foccid,Panasonic etc

As a custom metal fabrication, all these machines could supply precision machining, powder coating and finishing, conformal coating, CNC Bending, welding, CNC machining and so much more.

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