Sheet Metal Bending Sequences

sheet metal forming

Sheet metal bending is the process of using force to deform a flat sheet of metal into a requested shape or angle. This is commonly done to create components and parts for various applications, including manufacturing, construction, and automotive industries. Methods of Sheet Metal Bending The specific method used for sheet metal bending depends on […]

How To Design A Sheet Metal Enclosure

metal enclosure

What Is Sheet Metal Enclosure? A sheet metal enclosure is a type of housing or box-like structure made from thin sheets of metal. It is typically used to protect electronic components or other objects from the environment and can also be used for a variety of other purposes, such as reducing noise or providing a […]

The Overview of Metal Prototype Fabrication

sheet metal prototype design

Metal prototype fabricatioin allows a product to move from concept to reality quickly and efficiently, also maintain maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness in design processes which has become a key step in engineering processes and the product development process.

10 Year Aniversary Celebration

mamful fabrication teams

Mamful sheet metal factory has been established more than 10 years. It was his 10 years aniversay on 2021. Due to covid effect, all our colleagues hold a small celebration party by buying some cakes ,fruits and snacks. The president Mr. Wu made a brief speech, summarized the hard work of the past ten years […]