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Agricultural Industry

As a leading sheet metal fabrication factory, Mamful Manufacturing is the go-to company for many agricultural machinery manufacturers.

Are you the agricultural industry looking for sheet metal fabricator?

Mamful sheet metal manufacturing factory has been cooperating with different kinds of industries including the agricultural industry. Our factory has around 10 thousand square meter with 24 hours running machines to increase our capacity and meet our customers’ requests furthest.

Why do you choose us as a cooperator? As we have rich experiences in design,manufacturing and volume large production like below.
1. Pedal
2. Kit and fender
3. Various holder
4. Agricultural fan cover
5. Element kits for motor

Furthermore, we keep investment on our facilities to ensure our capability of manufacturing. And we are not only supplying manufacturing but also the metal design and complete service. We are happy to offer our service for your agricultural request. Contact us.

agricultural sheet metal
Agricultural Device Cover
cooling plate
Agricultural Vehicle Tread Plate
agricultural device base metal
Agricultural Device Base Metal

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We work with businesses in a wide variety of sectors with capabilities to offer short and long runs of metal products.

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