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Household Appliances Custom Metal Parts Fabrication

With more than 10 years of metal parts fabrication, mamful has always been source solution of kitchen appliance, refrigeration appliance and cleaning appliance etc with different metal materials likes steel ,aluminum, iron in excelent quantity.

Mamful strictly follow the appliances industry quality standards, tolerances, and specifications. No matter what kind of equipment, we can customize and produce efficiently. Below are examples of custom metal parts we fabricate for our appliance customers.

1. electrical appliance enclosures for kitchen appliances.

2. Large appliance refrigerator custom metal parts

3. Commercial kitchen standard stainless steel products

We customize your metal parts to your specifications. Our experienced team can provide designs and prototypes. But you can supply your suggestions that satisfy multiple configurations. Over the years, Mamful has become a trusted partner for many home appliance manufacturers.

Garbage can shell
Garbage Can Shell
Metal Stand for display
Metal Stand for display
purifier metal cabinet
Purifier Metal Cabinet

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Custom Metal Parts Fabrication are available for short and long runs for businesses in a wide range of sectors.

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