Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication Factory

As a main sheet metal fabrication factory, mamful fabrication factory has around 10 years experience supplying wide range automative sheet metal parts to his customers.

Are you an automotive business searching sheet metal fabrication facotry ?

As a leading custom sheet metal fabrication factory in China,mamful metal factory has rich experiences in the automotive industry while supplying assembly service for the metal parts.

Mamful turns sheet metal into different metal parts by using design ,forming, laser cutting and punching etc.depending on different material of the high-end aluminum sheet , steel and brass.According to your exact specifications, we guarantee high-precision car sheet metal parts.

Mamful could offer professional ways to cooperate with you while needing automotive sheet metal services. You could rest assured that you could get premium products at good price. Contact us now! 

Car Sheet Metal Products

New energy charging pile cover
New Energy Charging Pile Cover
Automotive Sheet Metal Parts
Automotive Sheet Metal Parts
auto metal part
Automotive Metal Product

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Property Of Car Sheet Metal Made by Mamful Metal Fabrication Factory

High Temperature Resistance

Auto metal parts have excellent heat resistance as well as other outstanding performance.Their durability makes them resistant to corrosion, stains, and breakage.

Precision Accuracy

Mamful metal factory supplies fabrication service to your car sheet metals with high accuracy and performance

Fair Price

Your automotive sheet metal products will be at a better price and quality under the fabrication service by us

Less service

All our automotive parts are easy to install and maintain which means you would save extra maintenance costs.

We work with businesses in a wide variety of sectors with capabilities to offer short and long runs of metal products.