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Construction Sheet Metal Contractor

ISO certificated sheet metal contractor in China since 2010 and specialize in construction sheet metal parts manufacturing.Contact us now for construction project

Are you a business contruction industry looking for sheet metal constractor?

Mamful well understands special request due to years of experience in the architecture industry. He has got a positive reputation for his on-time delivery and high quality. Normally architecture has critical delivery time requirements which need to be followed strictly. Because any delay could be costly.

sheet metal parts for architecture
Sheet Metal Parts for Architecture
construction sheet metal
Construction Sheet Metal Base
fastening sheet metal
Fastening Sheet Metal

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Mamful as a metal fabrication contractor has been manufacturing various metal parts for the architecture industry as below:

1. Various balcony units

2.Road administration protection series

3. wheelbarrow chassis

Mamful metal contractors cooperates closely with customers at the beginning of design stageSheet Metal Design. Each product design would be validated before it goes into full production. After our prototype department creates a fully assembled prototype, our responsible engineer signs off before the project begins.

The professional assembly team from mamful metal fabrication contractor means we are able to assemble complicated metal units. Our service has been overtop metal fabrication, but also supply product design and engineering service for our construction customer. Contact us now for your construction project .

As a metal products manufacturer, we provide short and long runs to businesses across a variety of sectors.

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