Eectrical Sheet Metal Components Manufacturers

Mamful manufactures various sheet metal components used in commercial and industrial electronics such as light systems, cooling systems.

Mamful sheet metal components manufacturer has cooperated with different electronic companies from design, fabricating, assembly and integrate various sheet metal products such as lighting component, recreational machine shell, Computer server cabinet.

We provide a complete end-to-end turnkey fabrication service with years of experience in complicated sheet metal components to meet customer’s request of delivery and quality.

Lighting Solutions

Mamful metal fabrication makes various sheet metal components for commercial lighting system for domestic and overseas light manufacturers such as tray, cabinet, diffusion device etc


We work with many companies that are involved in the energy industry. We provide components for solar panels, power generation equipment such as turbines and magnet generators (the thing you find at construction sites), switchgear used by utilities to control voltage levels across their networks – basically anything related to generating or distributing electricity!

Air Conditioning Components

Mamful metal fabrication is capable of manufacturing serial sheet metal components for indoor climate/ambient space conditioning products. Meanwhile we also produce various components for heating commercial or industrial systems.

computer server cabinets
Computer Server Cabinets
air-conditioner parts
Agricultural Body Panel
Lighting Metal Component
Lighting Metal Component

Metal products are available for short and long runs for businesses in a wide range of sectors.

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