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Metal Fabrication Parts For Medical Devices

You can trust mamful to meet your request for medical devices metal fabrication parts. We have deep experience and history that let us develop first-class products and finishing services. We supply high volume precious metal production to various customers.


Medical Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts Process

As a professional china sheet metal fabrication parts manufacturer, we are able to manufacture metal parts with different materials including steel, iron, aluminum, titanium and other medical grade sheet metal alloy. According to your customized requirement, we could find your requested metal.

Mamful is a one-stop solution for your high-end products medical and pharmaceutical equipment. Our professional team could make a wide variety of sheet metal parts for medical devices as belows

1. Medical cart

2. Medicine cabinet

3. Image reconstruction equipment

4.CT/ pet scanning equipment

5.MRI and ultrasound equipment

6. …

In addition, we offer complete service from design, fabricating ,surface treatment ,assembly etc. We know the importance of medical devices. Strong components and frames are essential,and so as the stable. No matter what is single or complicated structure of medical metal parts, our experienced teams use the state-of-the-art facilities with high-quality accurate to manufacture. Quality control process is guaranteed, fine production, fast turnover

Beauty Instrument Metal Shell
Beauty Instrument Metal Shell
Medical equipment accessories
Medical MetalFabrication Parts
sheet metal fabrication part for medical devices
Medical Devices Enclosure

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