Mamful sheet metal factory has been established more than 10 years. It was his 10 years aniversay on 2021. Due to covid effect, all our colleagues hold a small celebration party by buying some cakes ,fruits and snacks.

The president Mr. Wu made a brief speech, summarized the hard work of the past ten years and expounded the development plan for the next few years. He hoped that in the next five years, 15% of the annual profit would be used to upgrade production equipment and train technical personnel to adapt to the changes in the market.

Many employees accompany the factory since its beginning. Many people have been working here more than 10 years or 5 years together with factory growing. To respect their hard working, our factory prepare small gift to them. Want to know what kind of gifts? Leave your message, i will tell you ☺

veteran employees for many years
Veteran employees for many years(at least 5 year above)

Our team is a group of energetic and experienced young people with an average age of 35. They will work relentlessly towards a present goal until it is accomplished. Thanks to these people, our factory is thriving.

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