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Sheet Metal Product Assembly & Packing Services

With vast experience in final product assembly, our team is charged with putting together various components & products for your new precision-manufactured metal parts.

Expetitive Sheet Metal Assembly Services

Being one of the high-volume metal parts and product manufacturers in Chinawe assemble products once metal parts are finished production.

We have an expetitive in-house assembly production department to assemble different parts and components. Before the assembly, we strictly follow the drawings, SOP and quality standards to check if there is any inconsistency from unit to unit.

We can quickly upscale operations where required with our flexible approach.

Our 10+ thousands’ square meter manufacturing facility gives us the room necessary for individualized needs of each project so you don’t have worry about running out or being unable-to produce your product as needed!

assemble sheet metal
electrical enclosure assemble

The in-house assembly capability enable us have the ability to supervise the complete manufacturing process including design, laser cutting, CNC punching,assembly and dispatch.

This provides great convenience and assurance for customers knowing from beginning to end and save customer a lot of time giving you peace of mind that the work will be completed on time and on budget.

Our precision manufactured and assembled products include security system, eletrical enclosures, server cabinets,medical deivice, electrical enclosures etc.

We have been engaging in metal manufacturing more than 10 years and see most of them so contact us for your metal project and assembly .Let our engineer to discuss with you freely!

Sheet Metal Packages Ways

Packages is the last key factor in the overall manufacturing process. To ensure that the sheet metal could be well protected by out package and in case of any damage and deformation happening during transportation.At the same time, ensure that incoming products can be easily identified and traced. Our packages teams would wrap film or bubble for metal parts then fixed in wooden cases .
pack sheet metal parts sheet metal packages way outside pack for sheet metal products  

Product Assembly & Packing Tips


The right tools choose

Quality management is focused on the product and service, but also how you get there.


Timely communication

We’re committed to keeping our assembly department efficiently managed and informed by sharing the latest information as often as possible


The sense of safety

Any assembly team member will be well-trained with the right tools to increase the sense of quality assembly and safety


Check products received

Nessceary to double check for the specification, damages and quantities of sheet metal parts


Quality packaging

Quality package is a key effect which should not be underestimated and keeps sheet metal parts secure, ready for shipment and ultimatelyly in pristine condition when it arrives with you!

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