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Precision Laser Cutting & Punching Services

Precision, speed, and reliability are the hallmarks of our laser cutting and punching services. Mamful provides precision laser and punching services of sheet metal parts and componets by using state-of-the-art machines.

The Materials We Cut & Punch

Variouse materials are workable on our cutting and punching service. We listed below materials which are more commonly used in cutting and punching processes. Please contact our team for specific requirements. 

Materials processed in Laser Cutting
Mild Steel – Up to 20mm
Stainless Steel- Up to 20mm
Aluminium – Up to 16mm

Materials processed in Metal Punching
Mild Steel- Up to 3mm
Stainless Steel- Up to 2mm
Aluminium- Up to 3mm

Punch Laser Capabilities

CNC punching machine
cnc laser cutting
sheet metal laser cutting
In order to manufacture precision sheet metal, high level of detail and care must be taken when cutting the sheet metal.Normally there are three options from metal to shape: metal laser cutting, sheet metal punching and metal stamping. They are applicable to numerous materials like aluminum, steel sheets etc.
Started in 2010, we have a professional experts team who have vast knowledge of different material types and applications used in different industries.
We use laser cutting and punching for different sheet metal fabrication projects which brings numerous benefits to your projects, such as:
  1.  Saving labor costs: Laser cutting is controlled by CNC automation.
  2. Speed and Efficiency: according to the intricacy and tolerances of the parts, the speed of cutting could reach around 20-70 inches/minute 
  3. Automation:CNC-controlled laser cutting machines produce higher quality and more efficient products
  4. Extensive Precision:Capable of producing tight tolerances and fine cuts

Choosing the Right Service

Laser cutting produces a precise and highly specific sheet metal shape, whereas CNC punching is usually the most cost-effective option for high volume cutting of more commonly shaped products.

CNC laser cutting

Metal Laser Cutting
Our laser cutting service ensures that you receive a product shape that exactly matches your specifications with minimal setup and quick turnaround.

cnc metal plate punch

CNC Metal Punching
CNC metal punching is a key component of our high-volume precision manufacturing process, which cuts metal into a specified flat shape for further processing.

metal stamping

Metal Stamping
Metal stamping is a manufacturing process used to convert flat metal sheets into specific shapes which deliver a fast and efficient method of producing durable, high-quality parts.

Design engineers at our factory work closely with clients to develop designs and select services that will produce metal parts and components that are precisely shaped.

Steps for Precise Laser Cutting & Punching


Choose suitable equipment

Optimize the process by selecting the right machine. In order to keep the process efficient, we carefully plan what we will accomplish at each step.


Use available tools

Well knowing the components is the key to use the right tools for the process.Knockouts, louvres, countersinks or tapping, each form requires a specific tool. 


Use the team's experience

There are different lasers, punches, and even a combination of both that can be used to produce complex parts.With our experience, we are able to offer this insight to deliver the perfect outcome.



Prior to cutting, make sure all parts are correct according to the approved drawings by performing first-off checks.


Take safety seriously

In any industrial process, safety and health are of utmost importance.Our PPE are available at all times.

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