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Sheet Metal Punching

Mamful sheet metal punching is one of China’s CNC custom manufacturers and suppliers which offer high volume, efficiency and accuracy metal punching service.

CNC Punching Capabilities

Maximum sheet size: 

  • Up to 4000mm x 1500mm

Material thickness: 

  • From 0.3mm up to 5mm

Material types:

● Mild Steel            ● Coated Steel
● Stainless Steel    ● Aluminium
● Alloys

Our CNC punching facilities enable us to deliver productivity, reliability, flexibility, and efficiency production.

Customers get profits from process consistency by utilizing CNC punching machines that are unmanned and operated continuously, productivity is greatly enhanced while quality is significantly improved.

The processing speeds we offer are unparalleled for part number stamping, rib forming, special forms, and countersinks.

CNC Punching Facilities

We have 10plus years experiences in sheet metal punching.That means we have done most of sheet metal products from different industries.

By keeping metal puching in house and investments in this  department,our CNC machines greatly improve productivity with considerable quality improvements.We have played very key role in metal cutting and fabrication industry in China.

As long as you work with us, we’ll design and manufacture your product to your specifications, determine the most cost-effective way to produce them, and then begin production as soon as possible.

It’s these little time and cost-cuttings that allow us to provide an exceptional service to our clients at a fantastic price.

Our punching department comprises of 4 sets CNC punching machines.We upgrade our machines on 2023 to meet increasing large volumn production, 2 sets automatic feeders have been equiped to new coming amada punching machines.

The machines models are below.

CP2500 1set
HP2500 1set
Amada EM2501NT 1set
CNC punching machines with automatic feeders

The Benefits of CNC Sheet Metal Punching

CNC punching of sheet metal has two main benefits:
1.Compared to other punching machines, it is capable of handling a wider range of thicknesses.
2.In accordance with the metal’s function, the tooling can create a variety of complex shapes.

CNC punch presses are a perfect complement to our other precision metal manufacturing processes which include as below

  • Design and engineering.
  • Metal Prototyping
  • Laser cutting
  • Forming.
  • Welding
  • Surface treatment
  • Inspection
  • Assembly & Storage
CNC punching machine
cnc laser cutting

Laser Cutting vs CNC Sheet Metal Punching

The two most common methods of cutting sheet metal are laser cutting and CNC punching.

CNC laser cutting :

1. Suitable for plate shape and specific shapes.

2. No limit on thickness

3. It is smooth at the cut edge. Suitable for high request appearance.

4. Comparing with CNC punching, it is costly and accurate.

CNC punching

1.Suitable for plate or stereo shape and need cutter tool for special-shape hole

2.Thickness limited, normally workable for below 3mm

3.Splicing point at the cut edge

4. Inexpensive and high production

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