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Metal Finishing in Coating, Plating, Polishing & Printing

Metal finishing is an integral part of our high volume, precision manufacturing proposition. We offer a range metals finishes from coating to plating and polishing for all sorts uses – whether you are looking for better corrosion resistance in some cases or just need your product polished!

Finishing Metal Parts and Products with a Choice of Finishes

product polishing
 We not only provide mass precision metal engineering and fabrication, but our aim is also to add extra choice and value to our metal manufacturing and metal products. Therefor metal finishing line consists an invaluable part of our metal fabrication which is for all kinds of aluminium and steel metal products.
Owning this kind of metal finishing facility in house ensures our manufacturing capability and our position among Chinese factories
 No matter your sheet metal parts need powder coating, lacquering, chrome plating, metal polishing or silk screen printing. Metal finishing is a valuable part of our precision manufacturing. We would be glad to discuss with you!

Our Metal Finishing Process

metal polishing

Metal Grinding

Grinding metal is a process that uses abrasives to remove tarnish, corrosion, and other blemishes from the surface of the metal. Grinding is an essential step for the surface treatment of welding parts

surface pretreatment for metal parts

Surface Pre-treatment

This step is key process for the further surface treatment. Different material has different treating way which is decided by the next surface treatment.

power coating

Powder Coating

With one of Chiense most flexible and productive, automated electrostatic powder coating lines for a high volume service that is perfectly suited to finish all kinds metal work
silk printing metal

Silk Printing

Printing on metal parts is common and important in many industries nowadays due to its durable and inexpensive
laser printing

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a process that uses lasers to etch text, designs or logos into a variety of metals such as iron, steel, and aluminum, which could produce very fine markings on metal parts with excellent durability

Metal Finishing Tips


Know Consequence

We work with our customers to ensure they know the finish their product will have. We do this through all phases of production and always keep it in mind when communicating with you!


Moving the parts

Decide what is the appropriate method for getting each part through the plant. Consider hanging way, drainage, spray position orientated, and how to loadd uplupload.


Make improvement

Understanding customer’s quality request to set the quality criterion and then achieve it every time. Meanwhile it is essential to boost production to increase market competitiveness.


Steps to take next

Knowing what would happen after coating metal parts will be useful. This would prevent re-handle or damage. It might be allowed to make some simple assembly before moving to next step.


Keeping safe

Maintain and improve the Health & Safety standards across the department and wider business.

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