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Sheet Metal Grinding Fabrication

Grinding metal is a necessary process for those who want to avoid sharp edges along the weld line or smooth out any rough spots on their piece. Mamful offers metal grinding of Iron, Steel ,Titanium, and Alloys.

What Kind Of Products Need Metal Grinding

  • All powder coating metal parts which has high request for appearance.Like front panel, top cover,cabinet etc.
  • The sheet metal has a little big burr after welding.
  • Other welding metal parts

Metal Grinding Types Mamful Have

Grind before welding

Technical Request:
1.Grind the metallic luster.

2.Ensure that there is no oxide film in the welding area

3.The grinding pattern is parallel and uniform with the direction of the welding seam, and the grinding depth does not exceed 0.2mm

Weld height grind

Technical Request:
1. The surface should be polished smoothly without damage the base material.

2. The standard of removal material should be exceed 0.2mm.

3. The surface texture of the polished part should be consistent along the direction of the weld.

4.Irregular grinding is strictly prohibited

Remove surface scratches

Technical Request:
1.It should follow the standard of weld height grind.

2.The large parts should be drawn in the horizontal direction, and the small parts should be drawn in the same direction; irregular grinding is strictly prohibited.

Polishing with sanding wheels

Technical Request:
1.Grinding and polishing the edges and corners with a die grinder equipped with an abrasive cloth wheel.

2.The surface should be polished smoothly complying with the drawing standard and no sharp edges and corners to the touch

3. The standard of removal material should be exceed 0.2mm without damaging the base material. .

Wire Drawing

Technical Request:
1. Brushing the polished or scratched surface of the part after welding.

2. The brushed surface is required to be smooth and consistent with the same glossy texture.

3. The visual inspection meets the requirements of the drawing, and the touch feels rough and scratched as the standard;

4. the base material is not damaged, and the overall texture, thread direction should be uniform color and consistent thickness.

The weld joint grinding

Technical Request:
1.The grinding of the weld joint requires that the shape and the residual height of the weld be the same;
2.the grinding of the arc breaking point and the arc ending point requires that there are no sharp edges and corners on the surface when the welding defects are removed;
3.The standard of removal material should be exceed 0.2mm without damage the base material

The Beneifit of Metal Grinding

Metal grinding is a metalworking process that involves the controlled removal of metal to create precise shapes and edges. This process can be used for a variety of purposes, including metal finishing, metal polishing, and metal cutting.

One of the main benefits of metal grinding is that it allows precise control over the shape, size, and finish of metal objects. In addition, metal grinding allows for uniformity in metal finishing across large surfaces, improving overall quality and reducing waste.

Metal grinding has become a widely used process in a variety of industries, from automotive manufacturing to aerospace engineering. Whether you need polished metal parts for an engine or precise cuts for sheet metal fabrication, metal grinding provides a reliable solution that delivers exceptional results.

The Problem Might Happened During Grinding

  • Uneven
  • Grinding too much
  • Grinding crack too deep
  • Deform
defective grinding metal parts
defective metal parts
deform metal parts
overgrinding metal part

Tips for getting the most out of your metal grinding projects

1. Use the right grinding wheel for the job.

There are different grinding wheels for different types of metal, so make sure you use the right one. Using the wrong wheel can damage the metal or even cause a fire.

2. Don’t overheat the metal.

If you’re grinding a large piece of metal, it’s important to keep it cool. If it gets too hot, it can start to melt or warp. Use a coolant if necessary to keep the metal from heating up too much.

3. Wear the right safety gear.

It’s important to wear safety goggles and a dust mask when grinding metal, especially if you’re using a power grinder. The sparks and dust can cause damage to your eyes and lungs.

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