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Powder Coating Services for Aluminium & Steel Metal Work

The Mamful Metalworks line includes an automated, state-of the art powder coating process that can be tailored to finish all kinds of aluminum and steel.

What Is Powder Coating?

Power coating is a process used to apply a protective finish to metal parts. The finish is applied using an electric current, which causes the coating to adhere to the part.

The purpose of power coating is to provide a protective layer to the metal that will keep it from corroding or rusting.

Electrostatic Powder Coating Benefits

  • To achieve first-class delivery, we offer 24 hour shift coverage with flexible work hours that fit around your schedule.
  • By using our newest and most efficient pre-treatment, we are able to achieve a minimum 1,000 hour salt test adhesion.
  • Change color quickly
  • Multi-colour prefer and changes
  • The new process not only reduces the need of solvents, but it also increases employee safety by eliminating the need for them.

  • Powder coatings are durable and resistant to fading compared with liquid ones.

  • ISO9001 Certificated
metal finishing

The Guides to Powder Coating


Surface Pretreatment

Each metal product would be clean with chemicals after any cutting, forming or manufacturing to ensure metal surface ready for power coating. This is to minimize blemishes and texture inconsistencies after curing and finishing the powder coating.


Powder Coating

Powder coating is a process of spraying dry powder on to pre-treated metal items where an electrostatic charge ensures even coverage. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians use six automated reciprocating arms, which can be set up for any size job that needs doing in order achieve this beautiful finish!



It is then necessary to cure the powder coated item for 15 to 20 minutes in the curing oven, where 180 degrees heat creates a chemical reaction that bonds the powder coat.

Powder Coating Abilities at Mamful Factory

Component Length: Up to 3 metres
Maximum Hanging Height: 1500mm
Maximum Width: 600mm

To ensure high-quality, long lasting finishes our powder coating services use specialist coloured powders to give your metal object an extra boost in style and durability.

When we have a new project, we would work with our customer to choose the right pattern and colours to avoid brand inconsistency and ensure the sheet metal products with a professional appearance.

In addition to color, our skilled employees also could manfauctures various coated finishes, including gloss, matte, textured, corrugated, semi-gloss, etc

Our powder coating team works closely with our suppliers to ensure that every part and product we manufacture is precise, accurate, durable – meeting the needs for all types of clients.

Power Coating Detection Method in Mamful Factory

1. Cross-cut tape adhesion test

The cross-cut tape adhesion test is to measure the adhesion performance of coating:

1) Use a cross-cut tester; to score 10×10 (100) 1mmx1mm small grids on the surface of the test sample, and each line should reach the bottom of the paint;

2) Use a brush to clean the fragments of the test area;

3) Use 3M 600 adhesive tape or equivalent to firmly stick the tested small grid, and use the eraser to wipe the tape with force to increase the contact area and force of the tape with the tested area;

4) After standing still for 3-5 minutes, grab one end of the tape with your hand and quickly pull off the tape in the vertical direction (90°/60°) at the same position for two identical tests.

5) It is qualified when the adhesion force is required to be ≥ 4B.

Note: A cutting knife with 1mm spacing is used for a coating thickness of less than 60um; a cutting knife with 2mm spacing is used for a coating thickness of 60-120um.


ISO Level 0/ASTM Grade 5B – The outline edge is smooth and there is no paint peeling off at the outline edge and intersection point;

ISO Level 1/ASTM Grade 4B – There are small pieces of paint peeling off at the intersection point and the total area of peeling paint is less than 5%;

ISO Level 2/ASTM Grade 3B – There are small pieces of paint peeling off at the outline edge and intersection point and the total area of peeling paint is between 5% and 15%;

ISO Level 3/ASTM Grade 2B – There are patches of paint peeling off at the outline edge and intersection point and the total area of peeling paint is between 15% and 35%;

ISO Level 4/ASTM Grade 1B – There are patches of paint peeling off at the outline edge and intersection point and the total area of peeling paint is between 35% and 65%;

ISO Level 5/ASTM Grade 0B – There are patches of paint peeling off at the outline edge and intersection point and the total area of peeling paint is more than 65%.

2.Wear resistance test

1.Apply a load of 175g with specialized abrasion-resistant and special adhesive tape to drive the paper belt to rub against the sample surface, and the test point should avoid the paint fracture layer 2mm.
2.The product surface paint should not be transparent, and should not reveal the bottom material, reaching 300 cycles. With the edge of 200 cycles or more being qualified.
3.Rub the sample surface with a rubber to apply a load of 500g, 50 times/minute in speed, with a length of about 20mm, and 200 cycles back and forth, with the edge of 100 cycles.
4.Rubber paint, PU paint should reach 200 cycles to be qualified, and UV paint and electroplating should reach 300 cycles to be qualified.
5.Judgment criteria: bulging, peeling, discoloration are not qualified (after the experiment is finished, the paint whether revealing the bottom material should be taken as the criterion).

3.Hardness test

1. After shaving the 2H pencil lead core into a 5mm cylindrical shape and smoothing it on 400-grit sandpaper, and then loaded onto a dedicated pencil hardness tester (the load applied to the tip is 1KG, and the angle between the pencil and the horizontal plane is 45°).

2. Push the pencil to slide forward for about 10cm, without positioning, and scratch five times (each position scratched once), then wipe the pencil traces with eraser.

3.Check whether there is any scratch on the surface, and it is qualified when there is no obvious scratch on the surface.

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