Metal Surface Pre-treatment

These steps are essential before power coating for sheet metal parts. Mamful is committed to providing customers with the most advanced corrosion protection systems and offer tailor-made pre treatment solutions that meet or exceed industry standards for both performance and economy.

Metal Surface Pre-treatment

The surface pretreatment in our factory changes the morphology of sheet metal product surface and near-surface area, chemical composition and organizational structure in the most economical and effective way, effectively improving and enhancing the decorative properties, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of products , prolong the service life of the metal product.

Our metal fabrication department strickly follow the below pre-treatment process for our metal parts since 2010 who have rich experiences on surface pretreatment.

It is important for our customers’ value chain that we provide them with pretreatment products to protect the metal surfaces against corrosion and maintain their long-term sustainability.

We offer a variety of processes matched according to each application technique, as well as different kinds or metals needing treatment such as steel, iron and aluminum; all in order make sure you find what’s best suited just for your needs!Let us help you to solve this kind of proble easy !

An experiment show the performance of pre-treatment

Our Metal Pre-treatment Services

Metal Degreasing

1.Metal degreasing is the process of removing oils and greases from metal surfaces.
2.This is often done to prepare the surface for painting or welding to improve the surface quality and the adhesion of the surface coating
3.There are a number of different methods that can be used for degreasing metal, including solvents, detergents, and alkaline cleaners.

Metal Hydrochloric Acid(Pickling)

1.It is a corrosive, greenish-yellow liquid which has a strong acid that reacts with many metals to produce hydrogen gas and chloride ions.
2.It is to clean metal surfaces by dissolving rust and other debris from the surface of the metal, leaving it clean and ready for further treatment or use.

Neutralize Metal Surface

Although the metal part has been washed after acid pickling, the surface still remain acid and Secondary oxidation corrosion will occur in the future.To avoid this happen, Acid-base neutralization treatment becomes necessary step.

Surface Adjustment

1.It is an important process for the formation of phosphate film crystals.
2.It changes the microscopic state of the metal surface and promotes the formation of a fine, uniform and dense phosphating film during the phosphating process.
3.Especially in the case of metal surfaces cleaned by acid or high temperature and strong alkali.


1.The sheet metal is immersed in a phosphating solution. And a layer of water-insoluble crystalline phosphate conversion film is deposited on the surface
2.It is to protect the base metal meanwhile prevent it from being corroded to a certain. What is more, used as a base before painting to improve the adhesion and anti-corrosion ability of the paint film. The anti-rust period of workpieces after phosphating and anti-rust treatment can reach several months or even years (for oiled workpieces)

Note:there is one process of water clean after each below step.

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