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Metal Forming & Metal Bending

Mamful’s CNC press brakes and automated metal forming tools offer amazing productivity of custom metal forming and metal bending services .And make a quick metal product turnaround for our clients meanwhile to supply variety metal folding methods to suit different project applications.

Sheet Metal Bending At Mamful

Our sheet metal bending department consists of 9 sets press brakes with different size worktables so that we has the ability to suit different customers’ requirements for the most suitable metal forming solutions ,meanwhile ensure the quality ,fast turn around and cost-efficientcies to our cusotmers.

We work on aluminium,steel ,stainelss steel sheet ,brass, cooper and alloys with high precision which are strickly inspected. We could got the require components for you including defense indsutry, medical ,energy, aeropace etc. All bent parts are guaranteed to have exact shapes and excellent surface treatment.

Model No.Platform Length QTYBrand
FB-1003  3.2m1  setFASTI
TCH-100 3.2m3 setsTailift
YCN-8026   2.6m2 setsDelem
RG1030    3.2m1  setAMADA
FB-04015   1.5m1  setFASTI
TCH-100   3.2m1  setTailift

Sheet Metal Folding

Where need to use sheet metal bending process

Metal bending parts have a wide range of applications across a variety of industries. The aerospace, automotive industry, construction, electronics and energy sectors often make regular use of panel bending. The sheet metal forming process can be beneficial to any company that produces structures from raw materials.

Sheet Metal Bending Parts Series

Brass Precision bending Parts
Brass Precision Bending Part

The processing accuracy can reach plus or minus 0.03,suitable various finishing 

Galvanized Iron Metal Parts
Galvanized Iron Metal Part

Galvanized iron parts have many benefits for your applications such as durability,formability ,anticorrosive etc

Steel Bending Parts
Brass Precision Bending Part

Steel bending parts provide durability and reliability for OEM and construction applications.Steel grades suitable for bending are available from us in a wide range of grades.

Aluminum Bending Part
Aluminum Bending Part

The bent aluminum parts are made with different aluminum alloys like alloy 3003,5052 which have excellent formability and bend radius

Metal Folding Services Integrated with Metal Fabrication

Working with partners that will enhance the type of products we are able to manufacture is important to us, we always maintain a focus at all times on the quality of our products and our clients’ needs.

With our experienced sheet metal folders, we will ensure that all component manufacturing is seamlessly integrated into your production schedule. We also offer laser cutting, metal finishing and assemble so you can get what you require.

As a manufacturer, Mamful takes pride in producing products from start to finish and takes your project from CAD design to delivery.

For your next projects, allow us to assist you.

Sheet Metal Bending Parts Supplier in China

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