Sheet Metal Parts Quality Control

The Quality Control of sheet metal parts has been always our manufacturing hearts.We have got ISO9001 certificates since the started year 2010.

We have been committed to the development and production of eco-friendly products for over 10 years.

We are not only providing high quality goods, but also maintaining environmentally responsible practices throughout every stage – from mining raw materials all veining up through distribution channels or storing finished goods until they’re ready to reach their destination!

1.System for quality management and environmental management that is fully documented, efficient, simple, and easy to use.

2.Inspection of dimensions during production.

3.Quality engineering practices are fully implemented by staff with extensive experience.

4.An experienced and highly motivated workforce using the latest manufacturing technology.

5.Ensures conformance to specifications with high level of process capability.

Mamful Quality Control Processing

Flow chart of quality control operation

Insepction Tools for Sheet Metal Parts

Mamful has various inspection tools for IQC,QC,IPQC and PQC etc. Below are some inspection tools for sheet metal parts available. These tools are annual verification according to tools. Please contact us for more details. 

Category SPEC. QTY
Callipers 200~1000mm 20
Universal Protractor 0°~320° 7
Altitudegauge 350mm 2
Steel Tap 3m 6
Thread Plug Gage(T-Z) M3~M8 16
6/8-32UN 3
l-square 300mm*90° 2
torsiometer 20KGS 2
Cross-Cut Tester 2*2mm\3*3mm 2

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