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Sheet Metal Prototype Fabrication Service

Mamful offers sheet metal rapid prototype manufacturing service for different industrial applications by using state-of-the-art machinery which ensures a quick turnaround of projects with superior accuracy.

  • Different materials including zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and steel
  • Different surface treatment available like power coating,bead blasting etc
  • Tailored thickness and size options
  • Produces durable prototyping parts

Mamful Sheet Metal Prototype Fabrication

Sheet metal prototype fabrication is to verify some key functional aspects of the prototype design and test the feasibility from concept to process. 

The prototype fabrication process includes stretching, punching, forming, cutting,welding,surface treatment and etc which could choose most cost-effective solutions for your projects.

Continuous progress in material development and selection makes rapid prototype a viable choice to produce end-use prototypes parts that emulate final production material properties and surface finish to meet your requirements

Sheet Metal Prototype Benefits

Less Cost

Affordable and less cost sheet metal prototype fabrication service would be offered which benefit your business.


Flexibile and durable prototype model is used to test the design performance and spot defects before manufacture.

Complex Design

Each component of sheet metal prototypes with complex and high-strength designs. enables you to test product features.


All models have consistent, improved quality, and full-strength designs. It is used to identify errors quickly.

Ways Used in Prototyping Fabrication

MAMFUL offers a variety of sheet metal processing options to make prototype sheet metal parts, while considering traditional manufacturing processes. We utilize the latest technology and take your idea to produce a highly functional prototype at an affordable cost that can be easily scaled to volume production standards. Some of the key processes include:

  • Making the pre-made shape that will be utilized to produce the final part. This can be achieved with the laser cutting process, blanking, punching, or water jet cutting.
  • Add up features like notches, slots, holes, and imprints.
  • Curving or forming pre-establish into shape.
  • Included fixings such as screw studs or clinch nuts.
  • Welding the final part if needed.
sheet metal welding
CNC laser cutting

Purpose To Make Prototype Of A Product

Prototypes of sheet metal are part of the designing process. Engineers and customers need them for review and detecting defects in the initial phase. Comparing drawing, prototype works easier to understand and explain.

The sheet metal prototype as physical models become crucial in adjusting design and help manufacturer to choose a cost-effective and qualified processing on mass production.

Let us help your protoyping needs. We are a rapid prototyping company with reliability levels to reach your design concepts. You can validate and cope with your designs with our sheet metal fabrications. We guarantee metal parts without blemish and less expensive service

The advantages of Prototyping Sheet Metal

There are numerous advantages to using sheet metal prototypes.Each prototype might has errors like misalignments, overlaps, gaps, and other issues,so the engineer should analyze and review the design.Below are the adavantage  we discuss
  • Assesses improvements.
  • Design issues can be detected early.
  • Analyzing manufacturing costs, production time, and material requirements.
  • Inspection to guarantee durability and fit.
  • Choose the suitable manufacturing machines
  • Gathering feedback from your customers
New energy charging pile

Choose MAMFUL Sheet Metal Prototype

cnc metal plate punch

Is your business prototyping in need of assistance? We could be your reliable partner. Sheet metal prototypes are produced and developed to elevate the success of your product launch.

We are in able of sheet metal prototype fabrication, assembly and welding.We create prototypes using automated and manual machines during the development process.

Our experienced project engineers will work with you and help you understand sheet metal production needs.You will receive advice on the best processes and materials for getting the exact prototypes you want.

Let us fabricate your sheet metal prototype if you need it.Please contact us now!

sheet metal material
Suitable Material
In sheet metal prototype fabrication, numerous sheet metals can be used.You could select the below material for the design of your prototype.
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Zinc
  • Brass
  • Cold-rolled steel
sheet metal surface treatment
Sheet Metal Prototype Surface Treatment

Buff Polishing –It provides a smooth finish. This technique is often used for prototypes that need luster.

Metal Plating –This technique is processed with machines that utilize chemical baths. Its advantages include corrosion resistance, durability, etc.

Sand Blasting –Popular technique if prototypes need matte texture.

Powder Coating –Used to apply decorative texture for prototypes. It makes the prototype to be more durable while giving glossy and textured surface appeal.

OEM & ODM Prototypes In Numerous Industries

Automotive Sheet Metal Parts

Automotive Parts

There are a range of car sheet metal prototype parts for automotive applications, such as internal parts, panels,automotive gate and more.The parts are custom-designed and high-accuracy.

Architectural Parts

Architectural Parts

Architecture parts are malleable, lightweight, and durable making them different from other types of parts. Architectural building projects use these precision parts.Furthermore, they are fully recyclable and repairable.

medical sheet metal parts

Industrial Parts

Steel and aluminum sheets are used to make industrial prototype parts which include furniture, transportation, machines, medical parts, etc

commerical sheet metal parts

Commercial Parts

The material used to make commercial parts is sheet metal which is durable.Parts are resistant to heat and pressure.

Sheet Metal Prototype Fabrication in China

We manufacture complete types of sheet metal prototypes with high-precision designs to meet your needs.

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