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Sheet Metal Fabrication

We supply different metal welding services including MIG welding, TIG welding ,robotic welding,stud welding etc for different materials such as aluminium,steel,copper and brass.

Our Sheet Metal Welding Ways

This process uses solid wire electrodes. It can easily carry out welding in various positions, and also has the advantages of fast welding speed and high deposition rate. This is suitable for stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium, zirconium and nickel alloys

This process uses non-consumable tungsten electrodes. TIG welding is an excellent method for joining sheet metal and for backing due to its well-controlled heat input. This method can be used for almost all metal connections, especially for metals such as aluminum, magnesium, which can form refractory oxides, and reactive metals such as titanium and zirconium. This welding method produces high quality welds, but the welding speed is slow compared to other arc welding.

Robotic welding is the process of welding large or unwieldy parts with a CNC robotic arm and an automated manipulator. Robotic welders can weld large volumes of parts with no quality loss. Our Panasonic robotic welding uses cold metal transfer technology to weld parts.A cold metal transfer welding process uses electrodes to create a weld current between the arc and a workpiece, similar to MIG welding.

Human operators perform the whole welding process during manual welding.Welding requires significant skill, so our welders are qualified to at least China standard request.

All types of welding processes can be used to weld numerous sheet metal materials.Sheet metal components can also be produced in this process in either a finished or semi-finished state.These capabilities enable us to weld copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and iron.

We provide our clients with high-quality welding services through extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology! Do not hesitate to contact us for your request. 
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Automated Welding Process Benifits

An experienced manual welding team is combined with the efficiency of robotic welding automation which could achieve remarkable results. And the robotic welding as a part of the manufacturing process enables us to supply the following:
1. consistent and stable quality
2. reduce the cost to increase products’ competitiveness.
3. shorten lead time
4. highly accurate components with quality welding
5. speed up production, increased productivity
6. welding steel, aluminium etc
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Flexibility In Product Manufacturing

The robotic welding could weld 3 times faster than manual welding, increasing production line’s flexibility. Once programed, the robot could easily chageable among various processes. This means we can effectively meet changes in product design and customer requirements.

Our robot could weld multiple components in a minute to improve welding accuracy and quality in high volumn production

Stud Welding Service

Welding studs is an arc welding process that creates a welded joint very quickly by creating an electric arc between the base of a weld stud and the work piece.Our stud welding service is the right choice for your fastening needs of industrial applications, automotive and construction.

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Advantages of Stud Welding

  • Timesaver: Stud welding takes seconds compared to traditional arc welding, which takes minutes
  • “No Hole” Fastening: No need to drill and tap and there is no risk of leaking at connection point
  • Weld Strength: The welder is much stronger than both stud and sheet metal. While the engineer could analyse the failure reasons of stud or sheet metal
  • No Certified Welder Needed: The process is low technical requirements for operation which could be performed by cost-effective labor
  • ROI: It could save labor costs and speed up production with quickly recouping your capital investment

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