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Upgrade sheet metal fabrication equipments


In order to keep up with our customers’ increasing demand of sheet metal parts manufacturing and diversify ways we process. Our factory has imported two kinds of machines at the end of this year to improve our production capabilities.

Our factory already has 5 sets TAILIFT laser punching machines.And one more AMADA laser punching machine will help us improve our production capacity.

With the addition of the AMADA laser punching machine, our factory will be able to produce more efficient and precise parts. This will allow us to increase our production capacity and help us meet customer demand more quickly.

It is capable of punching through a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals. By using a high-powered laser to create a precise and accurate punch, leaving behind clean and precise holes in the material. The machine is fast and reliable, and can produce up to 3,000 holes per minute. Additionally, it can be programmed with a variety of parameters to customize the punch to the material and application.

The metal perforation machine is an equally impressive piece of equipment. This machine is used to create patterns and shapes in metals, such as aluminum and steel. It is capable of creating intricate patterns and shapes with a high degree of precision. The machine is also capable of creating a range of hole sizes and shapes, allowing for a variety of applications. It is also fast and reliable, capable of producing up to 3,000 holes per minute. It is very suitable for manufacturing the parts which needs heat dissipation purpose.

These two kinds of machines will increase our production capabilities and help us to produce high-quality products with speed and accuracy.  Updating equipment and technology help keep our metal fabrication factory efficient and cost-effective, and it can also help them stay ahead of the competition. It can also help increase safety and reduce downtime.

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Emily Lee

Emily Lee

Hi there, I’m Emily, the sales manager of mamful metal fabrication in China that makes custom sheet metal parts more than 10years. And the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to metal parts factory from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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